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Rotofix 20 | Rotofix 10/17 | Rotofix 20/20

Rotofix 20
The ROTOFIX represents the ideal solution in order to replace damages pallets during makes of movimentazione or for a whichever reason legacy to the production process, in way sure and express. The ROTOFIX moreover is in degree, thanks to its sturdy structure, of ricompattare cargos and realigning them to the pallet. In fact its dowries of force and speeds make of the ROTOFIX a machine a lot poured them, for all those companies that they have needs it to reduce the production costs and to optimize the storage space.
Much simple one turns out its installation, in how much it does not demand of foundations, but it comes simply supported and fixed to the floor. The ROTOFIX is adapted to varies industrial fields that go from the druggist one to feeding and the food market to the chemical ones, at call in fact can be obtained the cargo footrests and its protection centers them in steel. The CARPIDRAULIC srl, moreover is in a position to studying solutions adapted to the requirements of whichever customer.


  • Max load: 2000 kg;
  • Max opening: 2000 mm
  • Min closing: 800 mm
  • Hydraulic rotation: 180
  • Platforms dimension 1400 x 1300 mm;
  • Machine dimension: 2600 mm x 1600 mm h.2600 mm;
  • Total power 5,5 Kw OPTIONS :

  • Automatics cycles
  • Safety Photocells and Barriers ;

  • Fork lift equipment
      Iron coils handling
      Forks clamp
      Brick industry equipments
      Iron drums clamp
      Bricks clamps
      Paper clamps
      Paper coils clamps
      Iron industry clampse
      Giant forks clamp

    Industrial equipment
      Fixed pallet changers
      Mobile pallet changers
      Bricks industry equipment
      Load trailer papers
      Iron box emptying

      Mobile pile turner

    Fixed pile turner
    Coils handler
    Automatic pallet lifter