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Ghibli 107
The GHIBLI with air and vibration equipment represents the safe, practical and automatic way to handle large quantities of paper, cardboard and PVC. Suitable for medium to large companies, GHIBLI is an indispensable tool for the entire graphics industry.
Its main features are frame solidity, gripper strength and verstility, allowing GHIBLI to work in full safety and with maximum reliability proving consistent excellent performance in all the work carried out.

Working flexibility the same machine can handle different paper sizes from a minimum of 700 x 1000 up to a maximum of 1400 x 1600 mm.
Compact frame taking up little space.
Hydraulic gripper unit rotation.
Manual lateral bar positioning.
Easy maintenance of the internal mechanisms thank to the two rear doors.
Simplified ordinary maintenance to cut operating costs.
Loading platforms flush with the floor to allow loading with a transpallet.
Hydraulic system specially designed for heavy duty cycles.

Simplified control software with present working cycles.
Pneumatic side lay opening.

Max load 1800 Kg
Paper size min & max 700 x 1000 mm 1600 x 1400 mm
Total length 3870 mm
Total width 2700 mm
Max platforms opening 1800 mm
Min platforms closing 850 mm
Platform width 1780 mm
Platform Length 1250 mm
Motor fan power 11 Kw
Total power 18 Kw

Fork lift equipment
  Iron coils handling
  Forks clamp
  Brick industry equipments
  Iron drums clamp
  Bricks clamps
  Paper clamps
  Paper coils clamps
  Iron industry clampse
  Giant forks clamp

Industrial equipment
  Fixed pallet changers
  Mobile pallet changers
  Bricks industry equipment
  Load trailer papers
  Iron box emptying

  Mobile pile turner

Fixed pile turner
Coils handler
Automatic pallet lifter