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Grizzly 107
When we talk about to pull down the production costs the GRIZZLY machine enters in game, in fact this machine joins the force, the reliability, the speed and the low operating costs. GRIZZLY raises to you from whichever handling problems , or simply in order to arrange or to reimpilare benches badly it aligns to you. GRIZZLY moreover is lend to multiple solutions for whichever industrial fields, adaptable atmosphere also to being inserted in companies with production cycles automatics.

flexibility , in fact this machine can handling many paper size up to 1200 x 1600 (mm).
main chassis studied for a heavy cycle of job, the maximum load is 2000 Kg.
little cumbersome machine.
hydraulic rotation
Comfortable maintenance to the inner organs, thanks to the wide spaces of access.
Ordinary maintenance simplified in order to lower the operating costs
Reinforced load platforms.
pallet load with transpallet or fork lift.
hydraulic sistem studied for a heavy cycle of job.

Caratteristiche tecniche :
Load max 2000 Kg
Max paper size 1200 x 1600 mm
Total length 2768 mm
Total width 2170 mm
Max platforms opening 1750 mm
Min platform closing 650 mm
length platform 1700 mm
width platfrom 1250 mm
Total power 5,5 Kw

Fork lift equipment
  Iron coils handling
  Forks clamp
  Brick industry equipments
  Iron drums clamp
  Bricks clamps
  Paper clamps
  Paper coils clamps
  Iron industry clampse
  Giant forks clamp

Industrial equipment
  Fixed pallet changers
  Mobile pallet changers
  Bricks industry equipment
  Load trailer papers
  Iron box emptying

  Mobile pile turner

Fixed pile turner
Coils handler
Automatic pallet lifter