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Aspo | Rotoweb | Romeo


It replaces the manual handling in the lift operations, transport and positioning of the cargo until the 200 kg. Points of force of this product are:

Easy to use: manual translation with positioning through pedal brake on the directional wheels; raising through motorgear drived from n 02 reloadable watertight batteries with the inside charger batterery.

Many models : on the base auto body various conformations to second of the tipologie of cargos enlivening can be prepared. This minilifter is conceived for the field of the paper and prints digital market, in fact its reduced dimensions more concurs the load of the coils also in the reduced spaces.

Fork lift equipment
  Iron coils handling
  Forks clamp
  Brick industry equipments
  Iron drums clamp
  Bricks clamps
  Paper clamps
  Paper coils clamps
  Iron industry clampse
  Giant forks clamp

Industrial equipment
  Fixed pallet changers
  Mobile pallet changers
  Bricks industry equipment
  Load trailer papers
  Iron box emptying

  Mobile pile turner

Fixed pile turner
Coils handler
Automatic pallet lifter