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CARPIDRAULIC is a company who has a very deep experience in studying and producing air-hydraulic components far the lifting of the most various materials, and which can be assembled on the forks of fork lift trucks and electrical pallet trucks. The company size and the producing organization make itself skilled in turning out devices of the most various dimensions.
CARPIDRAULIC, thanks to its long experience in processing the most various kind of ma teria 15, tram the welding to the assembling, and to its attention to the projecting and controlling system, is a flexible and dynamical partner; and is able to provide high quality services and products, in arder to satisfy the most exacting customers' demands.
CARPIDRAULIC is a constantly developing commerciaI partner; and models itself upon the customer's and market's requirements.

Fork lift equipment
  Iron coils handling
  Forks clamp
  Brick industry equipments
  Iron drums clamp
  Bricks clamps
  Paper clamps
  Paper coils clamps
  Iron industry clampse
  Giant forks clamp

Industrial equipment
  Fixed pallet changers
  Mobile pallet changers
  Bricks industry equipment
  Load trailer papers
  Iron box emptying

  Mobile pile turner

Fixed pile turner
Coils handler
Automatic pallet lifter