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Rostro 04
The model "ROSTRO 04" is a very flexible and interchangeable air-hydraulic tool, suitable to be installed in place of the forks of a fork lift truck with consistent capacity (minimum 25.000 kg.) , for loading and unloading coils.

It is made by a primary frame, a secondary frame which is able to rotate on a vertical axis under the primary frame, and moreover by the so-called "rostrum", which is the part carrying the coil, and is supplied with an air-hydraulic loading/unloading movement.

On demand "ROSTRO 04" can be produced in a special shape in order to be simply pitchforked and fixed on the forks of the lift truck, obtaining in this way a more flexible use.

Our ROSTRO 04 is covered by the patent N.01315678/00 which is the property of CARPIDRAULIC SRL.

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